This job has been flagged and must be sponsored to go live on Indeed

I’ve always hated for one reason or another and have never been able to hire any single candidates in the past.

Firstly it takes hell lot of time to post a job. They have got those stupid fields on job posting page which don’t make any sense.

Once you bear with their lengthy job posting process and manage to post the job, they will close the job sighting one or other reasons. In some cases they even close account.

In the latest fuck up, is showing me following message all of sudden. The message doesn’t make any sense and there is no explanation for the same.

This job has been flagged and must be sponsored to go live on Indeed
This job has been flagged and must be sponsored to go live on Indeed

This job has been flagged and must be sponsored to go live on Indeed.

So it’s a nice way to extort money.

Why don’t they just make it paid job posting site and save our precious time.

Searching for this error doesn’t show many results however you will find an interesting site where some of the other employers have also complained about the same issue. Interesting site BTW 🙂


There is no solution other than post jobs on other good and free job sites. Some of these totally free job sites are listed below. If you know any free job sites then let me know in the comments below and I’ll check it out before adding in the list below.

Free Job Sites

Jobs Armada

100% free job sites, no restrictions whatsoever. Jobs are approved same day. It has very good response rate. Job stays active for long time. You can also request them to list it for long time if you wish.

GOV.UK Advertise a job

Who would have known that GOV.UK will have a job site. I discover it by accident. I posted a job, got some response but nothing serious though. Give it a try.

Tech Forum Jobs

It is a tech forum and it has Jobs category where you can post jobs for free. You can post jobs in any sector.


  1. Our job was flagged in similar way. It’s so frustrating to spend so much time in posting a job only to get flagged for no reason. really sucks.

  2. Hello,
    Greetings from France. I just posted a new job for my company on indeed and saw this notice “This job has been flagged and must be sponsored to go live on Indeed”. Do you know how to get past this?

  3. This may not be the exact same cause but he error we were getting was the same. Got this back from Indeed and thought i would post it here. Below is the critical part of their response. I have redacted the title of the job.

    Moving forward, the job post “REDACTED TITLE” is now over 120 days old and requires sponsorship, If you close this job and recreate it as a brand new job post, then it will go live on Indeed within 90 minutes. Another advantage of this is that it will show to jobseekers as being a brand new job posted just today, as opposed to showing that it was posted 30+ days ago.

  4. I manage to post a new job which I’m not sure is live or not. Indeed say that I’ve to add payment method to make job live butI’m already receiving CVs? I also noticed that 99% of the candidates are fro Nigeria. Is this another kind of Nigerian fraud going on at Indeed?

  5. I agree all my job post has been flagged and whenever I reach out to them they just only creating a case but no one is there to answer and fix the issues. Really a waste of my time and effort in creating a job post.

  6. Indeed seems to think that I am not who I say I am. They won’t let me post at all. They say that I have to send them a utility or tax bill from my company. I sent them my w-2 but that wasn’t enough for them so I am completely lost on how to post. I can’t even delete my previous profile and start over again.

  7. I just wasted 10 minutes in posting a job only to get following error. I’m so pissed.

    Your ability to post jobs on Indeed has been disabled.
    One or more of the jobs you posted to was deemed not consistent with Indeed’s quality standards. At this time your employer account has been disabled and you will not be able to post any additional jobs to

    If you believe your employer account has been disabled by mistake and you would like to appeal this decision, please contact our Quality Operations team by clicking the button below.

  8. This site is not user friendly at all. I don’t understand why my job is flagged and I can’t seem to get it live. I’ve spent way to much time on this already. I wouldn’t recommend this site at all.

  9. This is happening to us too. I eventually landed on your blog searching for some magical clues as to why all our job postings are flagged when they used to be free. WTF! I spent the entire day trying to figure out what the hell is happening. Eff off INDEED!

  10. Just in case it’s helpful to someone – I just got this back from Indeed:
    “I can see your job is flagged as you have selected United Kingdom as the location.
    Region/country wide job posts will always require sponsorship so if you can update the location to a city or town it will go live for free.”
    We’ll see if that makes a difference…

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