How To Disable Save changes to the Adobe Photoshop document before closing? Dialogue

This is an annoying dialogue when you are working on a multiple files and don’t want this to popup every time you close a document in Photoshop 2022.

Save changes to the Adobe Photoshop document before closing?

This is a very useful feature, imagine closing a file without saving it and losing all your hard work. I’m in a situation where I don’t need to worry about saving the file, I just need this dialogue not to show up.

The Solution

I haven’t found a solution yet, I’ll update this post when I find a solution to this problem.

I’ve posted it on Adobe forum let’s see if we can get a solution there.


  1. Ajay, Did you find a solution? I desperately need a fix for this as it is affecting my productivity. I’ve to process hundreds of images and it takes me few extra steps just to close opened documents in the Photoshop 2022. I’ve searched Google for this problem but there isn’t any solution available.

    1. No Jenny, I haven’t found any solution yet. I’ve started to doubt if it can really be done? If there was a solution we would have found on Google search. I’m going to post it on Adobe forum let’s see what they reply.

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